Magic of Salman Khan

Salman Khan ! When we just hear his name the thought comes in our mind is that he is “Epitome of Charisma.” If we talk about his charisma it’s a never ending topic probably that’s why he is one of the most handsome men of this world.


Not only this, even he is the 7th most good looking man globally, according to the Peoples Magazine. Salman khan is the only Indian and Bollywood actor to be mentioned by the Peoples Magazine in the list of world’s most dashing men.

Among Indian celebrities, He is 4th person to get his wax statue being built at madame Taussad’s museaum at London. And many people across the globe come there to witness Salman’s wax statue with much joy.

He is one of the most popular actors of our bollywood and we all are crazy for him. He is a single actor from bollywood who has such a crazy fan following. No wonder why Filmfare magazine coined him as Rajnikaanth of bollywood. People of south watch Rajni’s films without any biases. Simillary Hindi films lovers watch Salman’s film for himself not for the content.

Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan is the actual full name of this kind hearted person, who is popularly known as Salman Khan.

Apart from a successful actor he is a great philanthropist and an excellent painter. Very few people know that he is excellent in cooking also. Salman khan is an awesome writer too. Being Human charitable trust is a proof of his charitable works being carried out by him on a frequent basis.

As usual he is releasing his upcoming film Kick on this Eid. Every year at the time of Eid, he releases film. According to him this is Eidie (Eid’s gift) from him for his fan. This is a movie full of actions and romance which Salman’s fans want to see.

All achievements of Salman Khan can’t be counted here. But an important achievement of his that he is one of the most popular and highly influential persons on social networking site. Like on Twitter he has followers more than 3 millions. Same in case of Facebook too. He is very popular. He always interacts with his fans through social media.

Not only this, his fans are present on twitter 24/7 and tweets about Salman. Even keep trending Salman on twitter using hash tag. So we can understand that he is very popular on twitter.

It is actually a magic that he is one of the most popular persons in not only India but also in whole world. Salman is very popular in abroad.

He is one of the all actors who are popular among kids. Oh! He has got such a huge amount of male and female fans too across all age group.


Philosophy of life: Believe in God

If Nothing seems perfect!
Means something wrong is happening in your life. Don’t worry something best will happen with you.
Just believe in God, believe in yourself, believe in your work, believe in your thoughts, believe in your talents, believe in your qualities.

In short believe in the stuffs what you have.
We cant proof our-self in the field without the support of our near and dear ones,
But apart from the near and dear we need support from supreme being too.
He is giving us life and protecting us since our first sigh to till our last breath.

After our’s birth, from the time we get sense we heard about God from our family, society and we got to know he is a supreme being and because of him we get what we have.

We all belongs from a particular religion that is our community. Every religion has a particular kind of God and people of that religion believe him.
We call different Gods by different names.

I want to say that we can get what we want in our life if we keep believing in God.
We have to work hard to accomplish our goals but at the same time we have to keep our faith in our God intact.

We should worship God before doing anything. Our parents play very important role in our’s life. Because of their proper upbringing we do our work in morally right way.
Before doing anything or before going out from your home just touch your parents feet. You will get success. Gods cant be everywhere so that’s why they have created parents. And we must respect them.

Worship God and we should ask God to shower his blessings upon us. Because of his blessings we can do do what we want.Actually it is the God who make us able to do something special in our life.

So, moral of the story is:’You trust God, and God will trust you back’.
God will help you to accomplish your goal and will support you to get what you want in your life.

God expects something from you. It is God’s expectations that we should stay noble, stay honest, speak truth and stay humble.

This is my article on God and I hope you will like it.